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Plans for the development Suzuki Brass instruments

Posted by Haukur F Hannesson, ESA Teacher Trainer SWEDEN on 19 September 2016

The Suzuki Trumpet Instrument Committee of the International Suzuki Association (ISA), with representatives from the European Suzuki Association (ESA) and the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) has recently proposed to the ISA Board that the mandate of the committee be augmented to include other brass instruments. 

Suzuki Trumpet spreads from Europe to North America

Posted by Haukur F Hannesson, ESA Teacher Trainer Violoncello SWEDEN on 19 September 2016

First SAA Trumpet Teacher Training Course
Ann-Marie Sundberg, ESA Trumpet Teacher Trainer, recently held the very first Trumpet Teacher Training course in North America travelling to Calgary, Alberta in Canada to conduct an SAA Unit 1 Teacher Training course for Trumpet teachers.

First Suzuki Piano Teachers qualify in RUSSIA

Posted by ESA Administrator on 14 September 2016

The first Suzuki Piano Teachers in Russia qualified recently after passing their Level 1 examinations.

First Suzuki Violin Examinations for AUSTRIA

Posted by ESA Administrator on 4 July 2016

The Austrian Suzuki Institute of Music (ASIoM) held their first ESA Violin Examinations in Vienna this weekend with excellent results.

Suzuki Community mourns the loss of Gilda Barston

Posted by ESA Administrator, written by Mark George, President & CEO Music Institute of Chicago on 27 June 2016

We are greatly saddened to report the death of Gilda Barston. 

Gilda BarstonGilda meant so much to so many people, it is difficult to express the impact of her parting.  In over forty years of teaching at the Music Institute of Chicago she was a friend, mentor, leader and advocate for the highest standards in music education.  Her legacy as a teacher and teacher trainer is immense. In the face of tremendous adversity her dedication and love for her students was an inspiration to us all.

Her accomplishments are many.  Gilda was an artist level cellist who studied with Leonard Rose at The Juilliard School.  As a strong advocate of the Suzuki Philosophy, she served as Chair of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, CEO of the International Suzuki Association and Director and Artistic Director of the Chicago Suzuki Institute.  Gilda was a celebrated teacher of teachers, training and mentoring hundreds of young cellists who have spread about the world to become leaders in their field.

Zimbabwe welcomes the first Suzuki Violin Teacher Training Course

Posted by Karen-Michele Kimmett, ESA Violin Teacher Trainer, Canada on 20 June 2016

In April this year, the first ESA Violin Teacher Training Course was held in Zimbabwe.
Twelve enthusiastic teachers, including one from Zambia who had travelled twelve long hours on a dusty bus, participated in their first course in Harare. 

Suzuki Piano students from Germany broaden their horizons

Posted by Susanne Fauteck, Piano Teacher, Darmstadt, Germany on 17 June 2016

Two young pianists from the Langen Music School in Germany made the journey to London, UK to take part in the National Suzuki Workshop which was part of the British Suzuki Gala Week in March this year.

The Baltic States welcomes Suzuki Violoncello

Posted by Sirje Subbe-Tamm, President Estonian Suzuki Association on 9 June 2016

It was hardly a year ago, at the 2015 Estonian Suzuki Summer Camp, when representatives of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Martin Rüttimann Chairman of the ESA, held a meeting to start a Baltic Suzuki Violoncello project.  Although all three Baltic States are quite small, there was a keen interest for Suzuki Violoncello Teacher Training in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania so all three countries joined together to focus on establishing a joint Suzuki Violoncello Teacher Training course.  Leaders of this project are Janne Vasser (Estonia), Kristine Ravina (Latvia) and Valdas Povilaitis (Lithuania).

30th Anniversary of the Suzuki Voice Program

Posted by Dr Päivi Kukkamäki, Founder of the Suzuki Voice Program on 1 February 2016

The Suzuki Voice Program (previously known in English as “Suzuki Singing” and “Singing in the Suzuki Style”) has been developed by Doctor of Music Päivi Kukkamäki 1987—2003 with the same children during 17 years at Sibelius University, Docmus-department. The idea to start this program with expectant mothers came from Ilari Kukkamäki 1985. Over the years Dr. Kukkamäki has travelled to 21 countries, participated in 42 conferences, conventions and workshops: with lectures, program introductions, demonstrations with her own students and training new teachers.

Statement from ISA on DSG v ESA Settlement

Posted by ESA Administrator on 16 December 2015

 ISA Statement ESA.DSG Settlement