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Posted by Nataliia Koptienkova, President UNSA on 30 April 2021

The Ukrainian National Suzuki Association (UNSA) became a member of the European Suzuki Association today!

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UNSA joins 25 other country members throughout Europe and Africa.

Some five years ago nobody knew anything about the SUZUKI™ Method in Ukraine.

In 2017, Ukrainian Violin teacher Nataliia Koptienkova visited a SUZUKI™ Workshop in Germany for the first time.  It was an event arranged by teachers from Belgium.  To see how children were learning to play violin without any stress and with pleasure was an amazing experience!

At the end of 2017, the first five Ukrainian Violin teachers came over to the Suzuki Institute in Gdansk.  It was Anna Podhajska, ESA Violin Teacher Trainer, who really inspired them to master this wonderful method.

The first Ukrainian violin teachers with Anna Podhajska in Gdansk 2018

First Ukrainian Violin Teachers with Anna Podhajska in Gdansk, Poland 2017

In 2018, eleven Ukrainian Violin teachers from different parts of the country began to learn the SUZUKI™ Method.

2 groups of violin teachers with Anna Podhajska and Barbara Plaza Kyiv 2019

Two  groups of Violin teachers with Anna Podhajska and Barbara Plaza in Kyiv, Ukraine 2019

At the same time, four Piano teachers also started this process with Marzena Jasińska-Siudzińska, ESA Piano Teacher Trainer,  in Poland.

Ukrainian piano teachers with Marzena Jasinska Siudzinska in Warsawa

Ukrainian Piano teachers with Marzena Jasińska-Siudzińska in Warsaw, Poland

Both the Centrum Edukacji Suzukiand Poland and the Lithuanian Suzuki Association as well as Belgium teachers constantly supported Ukraine in learning the SUZUKI™ Method.

‌Since 2018, Valdas Povilaitis, Jelena Gliaudeliene, Oksana Tunevich, Sabina Kalibataite from Lithuania, Peter Nys from Belgium, Barbara Plaza, Anna Podhajska from Poland have all come to Ukraine to share their experience.

Jelena Gliaudeliene in Kyiv 2019

Oksana Tunevich in Lviv, Ukraine 2019

They won the hearts of both Ukrainian children and their parents.

Peter Nys in Kyiv 2019 2

Peter Nys in Kyiv, Ukraine 2019

Today, there are 26 certified SUZUKI™ Teachers (22 Violin Teachers, 4 Piano Teachers) and 6 Teachers are Trainees (5 Piano Teachers, 1 Voice Teacher).

 ‌Hundreds of Ukrainian children are now enjoying learning music.

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