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Posted by Elena Sterelyukhina, Suzuki Violin Teacher RUSSIA on 11 May 2017

The Russian system of music education has a lot of popular festivals and competitions for children of different ages and training levels. They give pupils a chance to get experience of public performance, to learn more about creative work of their peers, and teachers have an opportunity to share their experience and to get in the center of events in the world of music education.

Russia Competition WinnersThe Suzuki Method™ in Russia is just making its first steps. This is why it is particularly important now not only to inform people about Suzuki method as much as possible, but also to show successful results of children’s performances at competitions.

Russian Suzuki violin students took an active part in several competitions and festivals during this academic year:

  • in February, 2017 Filaret Bokarev (taught by Sterelyukhina Elena) won the first prize and  Grand Prix of the All-Russian competition of children and youth creativity "Wind rose", and in March, 2017, he won the first place at the festival "Gifted children of Russia"
  • in April, 2017, three children – Polina Nevodova, age 6, Sofia Smetannikova, age 5 (Lily taught by Lili Fantayna Ramos) and Rosalia Bedretdinova, age 6 (taught by Sterelyukhina Elena) – performed at a preschool children creativity festival and became the first and the second prize-winners
  • in April, 2017, Filaret Bokarev and Sofia Smetannikova performed at a festival "A way to yourself" in Moscow and won prizes there again.

The performance level of the young violinists, their musicality and ability to hold the stage were highly appreciated by members of the jury at all those competitions and festivals, including  honored arts workers of the Russian Federation, pedagogues from leading musical educational institutions of Moscow.

Successes of the young students of Russian Suzuki teachers give us confidence in the great future of Suzuki Method™ in Russia!