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Posted by Amelia Seyssel on 22 September 2017

The Suzuki Voice Program officially began in 1986.  Its founding within the Suzuki community was the direct result of conversations between Dr. and Mrs. Suzuki (Japan) and Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki (Finland) before, during and after Dr. Kukkamäki's extended visit to Matsumoto in the Fall of 1986. Both Dr. and Mrs. Suzuki continued their approval of the program and its development from 1986 until their deaths in 1998 (Dr. Suzuki) and 2000 (Waltraud Suzuki).

The Suzukis’ involvement took the form of continual and persistent correspondence, reviews and recommendations, and various personal meetings with Dr. Kukkamäki throughout the many years from 1986 forward. From the beginning, the program was named ‘Laulusuzuki’ or ‘Laulusuzukimenetelmä’. This was translated into English first as ‘Suzuki Singing’, then ‘Singing in the Suzuki Style’ and finally its present and official designation of ‘Suzuki Voice’.

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