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Posted by Haukur F Hannesson, ESA Teacher Trainer Violoncello SWEDEN on 19 September 2016

First SAA Trumpet Teacher Training Course
Ann-Marie Sundberg, ESA Trumpet Teacher Trainer, recently held the very first Trumpet Teacher Training course in North America travelling to Calgary, Alberta in Canada to conduct an SAA Unit 1 Teacher Training course for Trumpet teachers.

This is a big stepping stone in the development of Suzuki Trumpet worldwide. 

This course was a part of the Suzuki Summer Institute at Mount Royal Conservatory in Calgary on August 5-13, 2016.
Ten teachers from three different countries took part: Canada, the United States and Brazil.

SAA Unit 1 Trumpet Course teacher trainees CANADA

Front row from the left
Eliza Block, Tacoma, WA, USA; Kathryn Clarke, Saint John, NB, USA; Harley Givler, Landsdowne, PA, USA; Linda McGraw, Edmonton, Canada; Daniel Gianola-Norris, Cotati, CA, USA

Back row from the left:
Pedro Azevedo, St Paulo, Brazil; Stanly Curtis, Arlington, VA USA; Brad Heintzman, Edmonton, Canada; Allen McWilliams, Regina, Canada; Joshua Agar, Edmonton, Canada

Trumpet Teacher Training in Sweden
Suzuki Trumpet Teacher Training continues in Sweden, where two more teachers will take a Level 1 examination in the spring of 2017, one from France and one from Sweden. 

This will make the total number of Suzuki Trumpet Teachers in the world amount to 34 teachers in 11 countries.

The following Suzuki Trumpet Teachers have taken ESA Level 1 or SAA Unit 1 Suzuki teacher training:

Horst Martin Krammer
Michael Koller
Pedro Azevedo
Allen McWilliams
Brad Heintzman
Joshua Agar
Kathryn Clarke
Linda McGraw
Natalie Dejong
Sanne Grøn
Svend Vermund Nielsen
Bert Langeler
Taavi Kuntu
Raphael Schollenberger
Micha Gidziski
Salvador Andreu Alapont
Anders Kästel 
Ann-Marie Sundberg
Bengt-Åke Carlsson
Bengt-Åke Lindén
Bo-Inge Svensson
Daniel Lind
Gunilla Norström
Joanna Lysén
Kristina Hammarström
Leif Norberg
Niclas Ericson 
Daniel Gianola-Norris
Eliza Block
George Steward
Harley Givler
Janice Smith
Stanley Curtis
Theresa Coffey 

Suzuki Trumpet School Volume 1
It is hoped that this will be published soon.

Suzuki Trumpet School Volume 2
Preparations for this are underway and the ISA Trumpet Committee has now mapped out the big picture for the development of all books of the Suzuki Trumpet repertoire, with Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto as the final piece.