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Posted by Martin Rüttimann on 20 April 2015

It has been an honour and a great pleasure to once more sit on the Examination Panel for the second round of Level 1 Suzuki Trumpet examinations attended by a group of highly qualified musicians and experienced teachers.

What the teachers say
Indeed, it was fascinating for me to hear what the examination candidates had to say -

•    Some teachers reported that they had been searching for this way of teaching for the whole of their lives
•    Some had already been teaching along the lines of Suzuki’s philosophy and method and now felt able to integrate the elements of this philosophy more thoroughly into their teaching
•    Most teachers had been looking and experimenting on how to start children on learning the Trumpet at an earlier age since they were convinced that it must work, but all too often there was little support from Music School Directors
•    Everyone was looking forward to introducing the Suzuki Method™ to their Music Schools and felt that it was now more of a reality that such a project would be taken seriously
•    Many teachers felt that they would also establish themselves as private teachers.

Level 1 Trumpet Course 2015 Sweden teacher trainees
Back Row Bert Langeler, Estonia: Svend Vermont, Denmark: Taavi Kuntu, Estonia: Daniel Lind, Sweden: Raphael Schollenberger,
Germany: Bo-Inge Svenson, Sweden
Front row Leif Norberg, Sweden: Joanna Lysén, Sweden: Lena Rydbäck, Sweden: Sanne Grøn, Denmark
A long term investment
For those who have followed this project over the years, it has been a great lesson in how much time and effort it takes to develop a ‘new Suzuki instrument’.

From the moment someone has the idea -
•    6 to 8 years to the day of the first Level 1 ESA examination
•    10 years until there a number of students to gather together for a concert or a workshop
•    20 years until the first Level 5 Teacher qualifies
Developing a ‘new Suzuki instrument’ is indeed a long term investment.

Having now trained about 20 Suzuki Trumpet teachers in almost all of the ESA countries, we are probably entering the second stage of this project. 

Level 2 Suzuki Trumpet
The final version of Suzuki Trumpet School Volume 1 is ready to be printed and an official recording is envisaged to be made in the near future.   The first steps for creating the Suzuki Trumpet School volume 2 and 3 have been taken. 

Welcome Suzuki Trumpet teachers and students
I sincerely hope that national Suzuki associations and Teacher Trainers will now invite Suzuki Trumpet teachers and students to their Workshops and Courses.  I personally hope to soon attend the first Suzuki concert which includes a group for Trumpet.  We all can benefit so much from the expertise of our new colleagues.  The Suzuki Method™ has entered the world of Brass and has been perceived by the Brass Teachers in a very positive light.  Let us welcome our new colleagues and ensure that they feel a part of our European Suzuki community from the very first moment.

I am convinced that many Suzuki Trumpet teachers will come to our next ESA Teachers’ Convention in Poland in April 2016.  See you all there!