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Posted by Susanne Fauteck, Piano Teacher, Darmstadt, Germany on 17 June 2016

Two young pianists from the Langen Music School in Germany made the journey to London, UK to take part in the National Suzuki Workshop which was part of the British Suzuki Gala Week in March this year.

Lilli Fichera (age 10) and Marie Bröse (age 11) attended the Workshop at the Royal College of Music in London with their Suzuki Piano Teachers Susanne and Annelore Fauteck. 

Lilli and Marie took part in the daily group lessons, master classes and ensembles together with other Suzuki musicians aged 4 to 14.  As well as Piano there was Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Recorder and Harp.

Lilli and Marie made music together with other Suzuki children from all over Europe and although they were not able to speak each other’s languages these children were able to communicate through music.

The next journey for these two young pianists and their colleagues Maja (age 3 ½ ) and Jan Lößner (age 8) as well as Sofia (age 8) and Luca Pacifico (age 11) was in May to the 11th. Swiss Suzuki National Workshop in Emmetten, Switzerland.

There were group lessons and repertoire classes during the day with concerts to listen to in the evening.  On the last day of the Workshop all students performed in the final big concert – as well as Piano there was Violin, Viola. Cello and Guitar.

Langen Music School students3

Back row:  Marie Bröse (11), Lilli Fichera (10), Jan Lößner (8), Luca Pacifico (11)
Front row:  Maja Lößner (3), Sofia Pacifico (8)

Where to next for these young pianists?  The Suzuki world is indeed their oyster!