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Posted by Marco Messina, ESA Flute Teacher, Italy on 9 October 2017

Suzuki Method™ Flute Department at  falautcampus 8, 9, 10 August 2017

One of the few events in the world that connected soloists, teachers, performers, concert-players, and also every person in the flute world in only one week, counting more than 400 participants for every edition.
Concerts and masterclasses of international famous flutists embellish the learning experience and give life to an amazing exchange of knowledge thanks to the universal language of music.

What we did
Three days for Suzuki Teachers and Students of all Suzuki Flute Books
Individual and group lessons, Masterclasses, Performance, falautcampus experience
Teachers • Marco Messina (referent), Chiara Coppola, Martina Cennamo, Elisabetta Pasquinelli

August 8th

IMG 0611
Suzuki flute group with Francesco Loi (Gala Concert)

August 9th

IMG 0606
Suzuki flute group with Jean Cloud Gerard (Masterclass)

August 10th

IMG 0617
Suzuki flute group with Adriana Ferreira (Masterclass)

Suzuki flute group open the evening Concert by Salvatore Vella, Enzo Caroli,Hyunim Yoon, Barthold Kuijken, Lucia Rizzello.

IMG 0639
Suzuki flute group with Barthold Kuijken and Lucia Rizzello (evening concert)

The first experience at Salerno’s falautcampus was wonderful for all, children, teenagers, parents, teachers. The opportunity to take their lessons in a very favorable environment and to attend freely Masterclass, Seminars and Concerts of great flutists, has enriched and motivated the choice of all.

The facilities for music at International falautcampus are truly outstanding.
There is a dedicated music building with many teaching and practice rooms, a recital hall for chamber music,  masterclasses, faculty and children’s recitals and lectures.
Theater is a separate 500 seat auditorium for the concerts.

The accommodation at Campus varies from single rooms to rooms for three.
Families are generally housed together in one room or in adjacent rooms.
Unaccompanied teenagers are welcome.

What would we like to do?
We would like to recommend participating in the Campus.
The Campus is open and available to welcome teachers and students from all over the world.
The falautcampus will take place next year supposedly in the first part of August.

Teachers and students interested can contact the Suzuki Flute Department Referent, Marco Messina