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Posted by Annelore Fauteck, SUZUKI™ Piano Teacher, Germany on 15 July 2020

SUZUKI™ Concert after the first lock-down at the Music School, Langen/Hesse

After the first lock-down in Germany, which started in March and ended in May, and with a COVID secure environment, the traditional concert “Summertime” of the SUZUKI™  piano class of Annelore Fauteck was able to take place at the end of June at the Music School Langen/Hesse.

Langen Hesse concert

The Concert was divided in three parts with a small group of four students and four parents.  The breaks between the parts were long enough to open the windows and clean up the grand piano in the concert hall.

The lock-down lasted six weeks and playing and practicing the piano was the only hobby for most of the students to express themselves during this time.

All students were looking forward to doing this concert together, to listening to each other and to meeting friends again after such a long time.
As usual, each of them prepared five piano pieces by heart and enjoyed it very much to let the grand piano sing.  Also the parents listened very attentively to the beautiful melodies which their children presented with happy faces.