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Posted by ESA Administrator on 25 March 2015

At their recent Board Meeting in Peterborough, Great Britain, ESA Directors gave approval for the appointment of the Instrument Committees to replace Instrument Directors.  

This brings about a fundamental change to the way in which matters relating to the Suzuki instruments in the ESA region are dealt with and decided upon.  It gives the responsibility to an elected committee of Teacher Trainers rather than a national Suzuki association Panel or an ESA Teacher Trainer Panel made up of Instrument Directors.

The change follows a survey carried out by the Governance Committee which gave a clear indication that ESA Teacher Trainers wanted to strengthen the central role of the ESA in the Appointment of Instructors and Teacher Trainers, by having their own elected representatives in charge of this process - the Instrument Committees.

ESA Instrument Committees will be responsible for supervising the appointment of Instructors and Teacher Trainers and applications for ESA Recognition from Teachers and Teacher Trainers from other Regions.

The Chairperson of each ESA Instrument Committee is automatically appointed as the ESA Representative on the ISA Instrument Committee

The new Instrument Committees are -
Chairperson    Anke van der Bijl
Sarah Hanley
Marja-Leena Mäkilä

Chairperson    Harald Söderberg
Elio Galvagno
Mary Lou Roberts

Chairperson    Kasia Borowiak
Caroline Gowers
Kristinn Orn Kristinsson
Marzena Jasińska-Siudzińska
Stephen Power

Chairperson     Mysie Ferguson
Joanne Martin
Sarah Buckley

Chairperson    Christophe Bossuat
Trudy Byron Fahy
Jan Matthiesen
Mysie Ferguson
Veerle van Gorp

Chairperson    Ruben Rivera
Marianne Vrijland
Penny Heath

Chairperson    Päivi Kukkamäki
Katrina Pezzimenti
Analia Paula Capponi-Savolainen

For DOUBLE BASS, HARP, MANDOLIN, ORGAN, RECORDER, SECE, and TRUMPET the ESA Board will act as Instrument Committee in consultation with Teacher Trainers and/or Teachers of the instrument as and when required.