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Posted by ESA Administrator on 19 July 2021

SUZUKI™ Philosophy and its principles are, by their very nature, sufficient in providing the tools to work inclusively and embrace diversity.   Nevertheless, it was felt that a committee is needed to investigate further how the ESA can pro-actively support the ideas of Diversity and Inclusion in today's world.

diversity inclusionThe ESA Board have elected a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee and the following members volunteered to sit on the Committee -

Haukur F Hannesson, Violoncello Teacher Trainer, Sweden
Kate Conway, Violin Teacher Trainer, UK
Lee Marais, Violin Teacher Trainer, South Africa

The brief given to the Committee is as follows -

Advise the ESA Board of what is needed in the field of Diversity and Inclusion and how it can be approached in an appropriate way.

Draft of a Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

Explore ways and present ideas to the ESA Board on how the field of Diversity & Inclusion can be tackled in an up-to-date way to support the SUZUKI™ Principles.