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Posted by Allen Lieb, CEO, International Suzuki Association on 29 October 2020

The ISA is pleased to welcome three new Board members for 2020 -

Anke van der Bijl, Netherlands (ESA Representative)
Christophe Bossuat, France (At-Large Director)
Therese Wirakesuma, Indonesia (At-Large Director)

Please read their bio and message to the members in July 2020 ISA Online Journal.

Here is the screen shot from the ISA Board of Directors Meeting October 2020 via Zoom - across 23 time zones!

ISA Board 2020

top row: Simon Griffiths (PPSA), Therese Wirakesuma (ALD), Allen Lieb (CEO)
middle row: Christophe Bossuat (ALD), Anke van der Bijl (ESA), Pamela Brasch (SAA)
bottom row: Carey Beth Hockett (ALD), Ryugo Hayano (TERI), Lan Ku Chen (ARSA)