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Posted by Peter King, ESVG2019 Organising Committee on 19 March 2019

The second European Suzuki Viola Gathering, ESVG 2019, took place in El Escorial, Spain from February 15 to 17, 2019,
The event was oriented towards non-competitive community building, exploring ways of developing the Viola in our individual studios, and providing greater visibility to the Viola within the ESA community.

We are delighted to report that ESVG 2019 was attended by close to 300 participants, which showed a healthy increase compared to the 237 participants at ESVG 2017.
The participants included 110 Viola students and a similar number of parents, about 60 Suzuki Teachers and 20 observers from 15 ESA counties as well as from Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Japan.

We were particularly pleased by the attendance of two participants from Japan -
Yoshitsugu Soda, previous director of the TERI Viola group, 
Mr. Shin, editor of the TERI newsletter in addition to being an adult Suzuki Viola student.

ESVG 2019 included:

  • Suzuki repertoire group classes 
  • Classes introducing parents to the Viola 
  • Viola for Violinists classes 
  • Viola Ensembles 
  • Teacher-led seminars for teachers/observers 
  • Teacher discussion session 
  • Parent-teacher discussion session 
  • Saturday evening Viola and chamber recital by a former Suzuki Viola student accompanied by his friends and family members
  • Workshops and demonstrations by a bow-maker

ESVG 2019 was, in all respects, a great success. We were delighted – albeit at sometimes somewhat overwhelmed -- with the large number of registrants, which allowed us to offer a vibrant and varied set of classes and other events in which all attendees could participate.
We heard many expressions of delight and enjoyment over the weekend.
It is already apparent that there is great demand for future ESVGs, and preliminary plans for the ESVG 2021 are underway. 

Thank you, to all of you, for a wonderful workshop and experience. I think we may have a full Viola convert on our hands!
From a parent

My little students came back changed: they are proud of their Viola experience and they practise with the desire to grow up and become Violists
From a teacher

I want play Viola always, day and night, because I love it  
From a 6 year old Viola pupil