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Posted by Marco Messina, Artistic Director Italian Suzuki Institute on 15 November 2016

2000 people from all over Italy; 720 colourful t-shirts that  formed a rainbow at the finale concert; 50 hours of instrumental lessons  in three days; 7 concerts; 8 locations involved.

These are only a few of the the figures that help us to understand what happened during the 2° National Suzuki Workshop that took place in Cuneo, Italy from  October 29 to November 1 2016. An event that will long remain in the collective memory of the participants and of the city itself. An event that can be described in three key words: emotion, music, success.

foto concerto finale

A big, important emotion, especially during the Final Concert in which 600 young musicians and 120 teachers participated.  A great emotion for the families who filled the stands of the sports arena and, of course, for those who were playing for the first time in such a large setting.

An emotion that witnessed many  messages and comments on the official Italian Suzuki Institute website and on Facebook, that reached in just a few days over 5,000 people and almost 16,000 views of the videos.

Music that wafted from the windows of buildings, music in the courtyards, in the sports arena, on the streets. Music everywhere. Music played from the heart and with  the enthusiasm of he who is still able to be astonished with an arpeggio and a scale. Two opening concerts, a concert of the “twinned” Suzuki schools, a concert of the advanced students who formed a Baroque Orchestra, a Classical Orchestra, and an Orchestra of plucked instruments (Guitar, Harp and Mandolin) and  culminating in the Final Concert.

A great success. For the Suzuki community that took the opportunity to get together and to (re)discover itself as a big family in a climate of participation, serenity and festivity.  

For the Suzuki teachers who taught the lessons and conducted the rehearsals in the various concerts, without ever losing their smiles.
For the Suzuki students capable of challenging themselves and enjoying the atmosphere of the event in a carefree way without losing their topnotch  preparation.

This success could not have been possible without the work of many people and many organisations, impossible to mention them all, to whom goes our most heartfelt thanks.  
A special thank you goes to the city of Cuneo for having hosted with a smile on its lips the invasion of colours, sounds and emotions. Thank you so much!