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Posted by ESA Administrator on 1 May 2021

Anne-Berit Halvorsen was elected as Honorary Member of ESA at yesterday's AGM for her contribution as President of the national Suzuki association for Norway, Norsk Suzukiforbund and Country Director for Norway with a seat on the ESA Board. 

Anne-Berit was educated as a Pianist and a Violinist and was first introduced to the SUZUKI™ Method by Dr Suzuki in 1988 in Sweden.  The spirit of this way of teaching and the results obtained with even the youngest children so inspired Anne-Berit that she returned home determined to bring this way of teaching to her country Norway. 

Anne Berit B Halvorsen

Anne-Berit then studied SUZUKI™ Teacher Training for Violin in Denmark with Shannon Hawes and Jan Matthiesen..  The results that Anne-Berit achieved through SUZUKI™ Teaching over the years caught the attention of the media in Norway and Norsk Suzukiforbund (NSF) was founded in 1999 with Anne-Berit being elected as President.

The European Suzuki Association (ESA) extended a warm welcome to NSF when they became a Country Member in 2001 with Anne-Berit being elected as Country Director for Norway on the ESA Board of Directors.

Anne-Berit served as President of NSF up until 2020 when she felt the time had come to introduce fresh blood into the organisation with new ideas and a new energy, although she will remain a part of the NSF being responsible for the Teacher Training program in Norway and assisting where help is needed.  Amongst its members, NSF has teachers in Violin Violoncello, Piano, Early Childhood Education, Viola, Guitar and now also Trumpet and Trombone.

Some years ago the Norwegian Brass Association developed a program for Trumpet, inspired by the SUZUKI™ Method for Violin.  The program, called ‘Right on to the Music’ was arranged for Trumpet by two of Anne-Berit’s Suzuki parents and, together, they customised the program for Norwegian Brass.  Recognising the potential of this program as an innovative way of teaching Trumpet compared to the traditional methods, Anne-Berit took the concept to the ESA Board.  It is now an official program for SUZUKI™ Brass, still being develop and led by Ann Marie Sundberg in Sweden

Over the course of the past 21 years the SUZUKI™ Method has grown steadily in Norway with a close knit community of  SUZUKI™ Teachers where there is a great deal of respect, excellent communication and generosity of spirit.

During these years Anne-Berit reached out to colleagues abroad, inviting them to teach at NSF Summer Camps, Seminars and Teacher Training, appreciative of how important the sharing of knowledge, finding a kindred SUZUKI™ spirit and having contact with the outside world was for Norway.

Anne-Berit concludes ‘In those years of leading the Summer Workshops I have been so lucky to have met colleagues, children and parents, to have felt the love for the Method and the music and,  from this, been given the spirit to go on and continue the work.  This has been my gift and inspiration.'