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Anne-Berit Halvorsen, Norway appointed ESA Honorary Member

Posted by ESA Administrator on 1 May 2021

Anne-Berit Halvorsen was elected as Honorary Member of ESA at yesterday's AGM for her contribution as President of the national Suzuki association for Norway, Norsk Suzukiforbund and Country Director for Norway with a seat on the ESA Board. 

Ukraine - New Country Member for ESA

Posted by Nataliia Koptienkova, President UNSA on 30 April 2021

The Ukrainian National Suzuki Association (UNSA) became a member of the European Suzuki Association today!

Carnival of Europe - Flutes, Colour and Costume!

Posted by Britta Roscher, SUZUKI™ Flute Teacher, Germany on 30 March 2021

Music workshops, ensemble rehearsals, making music together in general have become difficult in these times and we all miss them very much.  Some SUZUKI™  Flute Teachers just did not want to accept this and together, across many national borders, they designed a virtual workshop day: Carnival of Europe - Suzuki Flute Day!  On February 14th, Carnival Sunday, the time had come! 


Posted by ESA Administrator on 24 March 2021


Every Month and Online

British Suzuki Teachers' Online Concert

Posted by Nickie Chapman, BSMA Administrator on 1 March 2021

If the pandemic has prevented us from meeting in person, it certainly has not stopped the music.
Like their pupils, British Suzuki teachers have been practising and playing at home. They have put together the very first Teachers’ virtual concert.

We hope you enjoy it and that you will find it inspiring.  A huge thank you to all who made it happen, recording on phones and iPads.

First ESA Double Bass Instructor appointed

Posted by ESA Administrator on 22 February 2021

Antonello Peretto was appointed ESA Double Bass Instructor today  - an important day for the development of Double Bass in the ESA region.

Revised ISA Policy on Teacher Training

Posted by ESA Administrator on 3 February 2021

The International Suzuki Association has revised its policy on Teacher Training in order to accommodate online Teacher Training.
There are changes which affect all Teacher Trainers and Teachers in the ESA Region.

Memorial Mass for Anniversary of Dr Suzuki's death

Posted by Yumi Goubara, Talent Education Research Institute (TERI), JAPAN on 26 January 2021

January 26 is the anniversary of Dr. Suzuki’s death.

Riitta Kotinurmi 1943 - 2020

Posted by Ruth Miura, ESA Piano Teacher Trainer, SPAIN on 14 January 2021

I am writing with the sad news received today that Riitta Kotinurmi, my dear friend and colleague and ESA Piano Teacher Trainer living in Finland, passed away after a long battle with cancer on 15 November 2020.  
Riitta Kotinurmi 4

First SUZUKI™ Voice teacher in Russia

Posted by Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki, Founder of the SUZUKI™ Voice Program on 12 January 2021

We are very happy to report that we have now the first SUZUKI™ Voice Teacher in Russia!
Soprano Diana Golskaya from Moscow completed ESA Level One SUZUKI™ Voice examination in December 21st, 2020. The first online voice exam was a very good experience.

Diana Golskaya Russia PHOTO