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Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,  Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK

Throughout Europe, Suzuki Piano Teacher Training has continued to grow with new trainees in many countries. 

The ESA is delighted to see that Suzuki Piano Teacher Training is firmly established in so many of its member countries. The ESA Board would like to thank all the Piano Teacher Trainers for their dedication and commitment to the development of Suzuki philosophy and Suzuki Piano method.

Between 2008 - 2010, the New International Edition of Books 1-7 were published and now includes 22 brand new pieces from the Romantic and 20th Century literature with some changes to the original sequence of pieces.  This is a substantial change for the international Suzuki Piano community and  has proved very successful throughout the world over the past decade.

We ask that all Teachers continue to work together with colleagues to research and ensure that the growth of the Suzuki Piano method develops in the spirit that Dr Suzuki envisaged it would.  Working together we can show that through Suzuki philosophy we can transform lives for the better.

Annual Report for 2021

Please note - this search only finds Suzuki teachers that are interested in taking on new students. Not all ESA members are listed - some teachers have opted out.

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