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History and Development of the Suzuki Method™ for the Organ

The Suzuki Method™ for the organ was developed by the Swedish Suzuki teacher Gunilla Rönnberg and organist Lars Hagström.

It began in 1998

Gunilla pa Gruset juli 20 nr 2In 1998 Gunilla Rönnberg contacted Dr. Haukur F. Hannesson, now Honorary President of the European Suzuki Association (ESA), with a proposal to develop the Suzuki Method™ for organ. Gunilla’s background as a trained Suzuki piano teacher since 10 years and trained organist gave her a firm basis to take on this task.

The ISA and ESA gave Gunilla and Lars permission to run a test project for a year. In August 1998 Gunilla started 12 organ students. Six of them were former Suzuki piano students age 8-10, and six were beginners who age 5-6. By choosing this division in age of the initial student group, Gunilla could test the proposed teaching material at different levels from the beginning.

Development of organ technique for small children

In November 1998 the students had their first concert, and it was astonishing to see the 9 and 10 years old former Suzuki piano students, now playing the organ in a very skilful way. The concert in January 1999 was recorded and Haukur F. Hannesson presented the recording to the International Suzuki Association’s Board of Directors together with a proposal for printed music and a progression of pieces from Book One to advanced organ music. In March 1999, the International Suzuki Association officially made the organ a Suzuki Method™ instrument and granted permission to Gunilla Rönnberg and Lars Hagström to develop the method for the organ.

One of the biggest challenges was to find a good way for developing the progression of organ technique, tonalization and relaxation for small children. The coordination between hands and feet was an easier task to solve, with pedal melodies to develop the pedal technique and chords base notes in the pedals in manual pieces to develop coordination between hands and feet from the beginning.

Gunilla has through the years continuously started new beginners on the organ to continually refine the teaching of organ technique. Furthermore, she has explored and developed playing technique for higher levels of playing. One of her main emphasis is to make students play with beautiful musical expression. Gunilla’s students have given a great number of concerts during the years Suzuki organ teaching has taken place. This has attracted attention and been much appreciated in Sweden and other countries.

Suzuki organ teacher training

Gunilla Rönnberg was appointed Suzuki Teacher Trainer on the organ by the European Suzuki Association in 2002. She has since then trained approximately 60 Suzuki organ teachers in Sweden at ESA Suzuki Teacher Training Levels 1 and 2 and has also given teacher training courses in the USA, in Chicago and Salt Lake City.

Other places where Gunilla has had lectures in the Suzuki organ method is Minneapolis, Los Angeles, London, Turin, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Cambridge, Sidney Oslo, Strasbourg and Brussels.

As a result of Gunilla’s Suzuki organ teacher training in Sweden, organ has become a popular instrument for young children. Professional organists have been encouraged by their churches to train as Suzuki organ teachers and many are planning to do so or have already taken the first level teacher training course. Activities for children have also included summer music courses for Suzuki organ students.

After 17 years of requests from organists all over the world on how to make it easier for them to take part in Teacher Training courses in the Suzuki Method™ for organ, Gunilla offers preliminary web education.  It consists of 115 pages of written material and 5 hours of videos.  The education is divided in 5 episodes and covers all the knowledge for Level 1. In the videos, Gunilla shows and explains every step on how to teach and play all the pieces in Book 1 and 2 in the Suzuki Organ School. 

This education covers all the knowledge that Gunilla has been teaching in the Teacher Training courses during many years.  It is very pedagogical and leads the teacher trainees step by step on how to play and teach, both concerning practical and theoretical knowledge.  This gives a complete preparation for all aspects of the Suzuki Method™ for organ.  The education exists both in English and in Swedish.

After taking the web education the teacher trainees can take interactive web lessons for Gunilla and get coaching on their playing and teaching in preparation for the ESA Level 1 Examination. Read more about the web teacher training education on the official website 

Publication of Suzuki organ books and recordings

The continuing development of the Suzuki Organ School is led by the Organ Committee of the International Suzuki Association. The members of this committee are Gunilla Rönnberg, Chair, representing the European Suzuki Association (ESA), and Jeremy Chesman, representing the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA), and David Clark, representing the Pan Pacific Suzuki Association (PPSA).

Lars Hagström, Gunilla´s co-worker in developing the method, and compiling the literature together, has a long experience of teaching organists. Therefor he has chosen the pieces in the literature for the higher levels of music. Lars Hagström has recorded all the music in book 1-5, and the most of the pieces in book 6, where Gunilla has also recorded some of them. Lars began to record some pieces in books 7 and 8, but due to lack of time, Jeremy Chesman at the Missouri State University recorded most of the pieces in books 7 and 8.

Volumes 1 - 8 of the Suzuki Organ School have been published by Alfred Publishing Co. Inc. in the United States. Alfred Publishing is the publisher of Suzuki Method™ core materials for all instruments.

This series is the first classical organ method for children and is part of the worldwide Suzuki Method of teaching. Recordings of the pieces all Volumes are also available.

To order the books with CDs from Alfred Music, all customers have to do is search for "Suzuki Organ School" on the web site 


Suzuki Organ School, volume 1 with CD: ISBN 10: 1-4706-4015-5 and ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-4015-6
Suzuki Organ School, volume 2 with CD: ISBN 10: 1-4706-4016-3 and ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-4016-3
Suzuki Organ School, volume 3 with CD: ISBN 10: 1-4706-4017-1 and ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-4017-0
Suzuki Organ School, volume 4 with CD: ISBN 10: 1-4706-4018-X and ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-4018-7
Suzuki Organ School, volume 5 with CD: ISBN 10: 1-4706-4019-8 and ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-4019-4
Suzuki Organ School, volume 6 with CD: ISBN 10: 1-4706-4020-1 and ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-4020-0
Suzuki Organ School, volume 7 with CD: ISBN 10: 1-4706-4021-X and ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-4021-7
Suzuki Organ School, volume 8 with CD: ISBN 10: 1-4706-4022-8 and ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-4022-4

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