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The Development of the Suzuki Harp Method
by Gabriella Bosio

Gabriella Bosio2

Italy was the first European country to apply the Suzuki Method™ to Harp in 1987. Antonio Mosca, the Director of the Suzuki Music School in Turin, encouraged me to get involved in this project.  Although I had been teaching at the Conservatoire for nearly twelve years, I soon realised  that teaching young children required a totally different approach.  .

In 1999 I was appointed as a Teacher Trainer for Suzuki Harp and the first Teacher Training courses were organised in Italy.  Today, there are 30 Suzuki Harp teachers in Italy, one in Germany, one in France and one in Spain. 

The Suzuki Method has significantly contributed to spreading the study of the Harp and every musician who enters the Suzuki world of teaching will find that music becomes, above all, an important means of personal growth for everybody.

Harp Development Committee
Marco Messina, ESA Country Director Italy
Harald Soderberg, Chair Guitar Committee
Kristīne Rāviņa, Piano Teacher

Teacher Training Courses in Torino, Italy
Gabriella Bosio

Annual Report for 2020


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