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Harald Söderberg, Sweden

Elio Galvagno, Italy
Nuria Cervantes, Spain 

Teacher Training Courses
Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Sweden

Guitar teachers at Davos Convention 2

Guitar Teachers at the 10th European Suzuki Convention for Children, Davos, Switzerland 

Guitar Development Committee
Harald Soderberg, Guitar Teacher Trainer Norway (Chair)
Raimo Päiväläinen, Guitar Teacher Finland (Coordinator)
Lucia Bellido, Piano Teacher Spain (Mentor)
Nuria Cervantes i Boldú, Guitar Teacher Trainer Spain
Elio Galvagno, Guitar Teacher Trainer Italy
Francesca Galvagno, Guitar Teacher Trainer Italy
Mary Lou Roberts, Guitar Teacher Trainer USA
Zeah Riordan, Guitar Teacher Trainer Australia

Annual Report for 2021

Please note - this search only finds Suzuki teachers that are interested in taking on new students. Not all ESA members are listed - some teachers have opted out.

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Country Location Name
Country Location Name
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