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European Suzuki Parent Festival

The Suzuki Community is widely spread in the ESA Region, connecting teachers, parents and children throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.  SUZUKI™  is more than a way of teaching children music.  Every school, every teacher and every student bring their own unique experience and flavour to the region.

The European Suzuki Parent Festival aims to reach out across the region and offer Teachers everywhere the opportunity to invite parents to attend a series of online talks given by ESA Teachers and Teacher Trainers from different countries on a diverse range of topics, ending with a Q & A session.  

Teachers will be required to be members of their national Suzuki association or direct members of the ESA and are also invited to attend the lectures.

Dowload Program

Registration fee £10.  Registration opens 1 September 2022.


2 October 2022
9:00am to 2:30pm