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'Tone, Technique, and Twinkles' Piano CPD Course UK

Continuous Professional Development Course for ESA Suzuki Piano Teachers Levels 1-5.

Based around our teaching practice ‘Cambridge Suzuki Young Musicians’ (CSYM), this 4 day course will look at the foundation level of the SUZUKI™ Method, and particularly the teaching of tone.

Tutors are CSYM teachers Stephen Power (ESA Teacher Trainer)  and Betty Power (TERI Graduate), both of whom studied in Japan with Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Kataoka in the 1980’s.

Teachers will -

  • Observe lessons given to Book 1 and 2 CSYM students
  • Have lessons themselves on selected Book 1 or 2 repertoire in a masterclass setting
  • Receive feedback on their own teaching through videos taken from the teachers own studio showing them teaching a Book 1 or Book 2 student, as well as a beginning or early stage lesson with a ‘Twinkler’
  • Take a look at some of the essential skills that are introduced in Book 1 - how they are developed through Book 1,  how these are built upon and applied and further developed in some of the later repertoire
  • Explore how the students and teachers can study the ‘Twinkle variations’ to develop tone and technique.

Suzuki said he taught ‘tone, tone, tone’, so we will ask the fundamental question ‘What is tone?’

The fee for this non-residential course is £400

There will be a minimum of 20 hours of content

The application deadline is September 1st 2020

To apply contact Stephen Power

30 June 2021 9:00am to 3 July 2021 5:00pm