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European Suzuki Online Conference
International Guest Speakers including -
Hannah Biss, UK
Núria Cervantes i Boldú, Spain
Rachel Cooper, UK
Juan Drown, UK
Regina Fuentes Gimeno, Spain
Haukur F Hannesson, Sweden
Carey Beth Hockett, USA
Claus Kanneworff, Denmark
Allen Lieb, USA
Marja-Leena Mäkilä, Finland
Jan Matthiesen, Denmark
Margaret Parkin, UK
Michelle Post, Switzerland
Carri Reuning-Hummel, USA
Zohara Rotem, Australia
Martin Rüttimann, Switzerland
Ann-Marie Sundberg, Sweden

Keri Cassidy Taylor, UK

Topics including -
The SUZUKI™ Method Online and Offline

Parents and Practice in Changing Times
SUZUKI™ Communities - Bridging the Generation Gap
In the Mix - Versatile Group Lessons
Connecting through Music - The Soundtrack of Life

Over the last year, we have been reminded that sharing our experience and knowledge is key to the development of us all so that we can keep adjusting and keep doing what we do best - teaching and educating children.

The ‘Tomorrow’ seldom looks the same as the ‘Today’.  There are many things which stand the test of time and stay the same, many things we want to keep and there is also much to be explored.

With this Teacher’s Conference, we offer a platform for all SUZUKI™ Teachers to come together to discuss and reflect on the many different styles of and approaches to achieving a shared vision.

Registration Fee
£50 Members of ESA
£60 Members of SAA, PPSA, ARSA, TERI 

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Numbers are limited

Registration deadline
Friday 19 March 2021

1 May 2021 9:00am to 2 May 2021 5:00pm