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ON LINE SEMINAR on Supplementary Material for SUZUKI™ Voice ENGLISH

The course is aimed at Suzuki Voice Teachers and Suzuki Voice Teachers-in-training.

Duration: 5 hours

Language of the seminar: English

Seminar description

Children are active agents who participate in their own musical learning process; they assign certain meanings to the songs they listen and learn in different environments. Thus, an approach devoted to teaching voice to children should not ignore children’s individual and cultural differences. Each country possesses a rich cultural heritage rooted in people’s identities, and traditional children’s songs and other significant songs of the own culture are part of that.

In Suzuki Voice these songs are also taken into account. For this reason, Suzuki Voice teachers are expected to include some of these songs and to include them as study materials, in addition to the Suzuki Voice volumes’ core material. These songs are supplementary and do not replace the teaching contents of the core material of Suzuki Voice. On the contrary, they compliment and reinforce the learning contents of each volume and extend the child’s understanding of their own culture and of other cultures through singing.

The focus of this seminar is to generate awareness of supplementary repertoire in Suzuki Voice. It will include discussion about the selection and use of the songs and encourage an open dialogue between participating teachers. 

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22 August 2020 10:30am to 23 August 2020 1:00pm