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Violoncello Practicum Course Suffolk UK

Course Director
Tessa Oakley

This course is based on the SAA ‘practicum’ and allows teachers trained in America and resident in Europe to convert their training and qualify for ESA recognition.  

The SAA states: “the emphasis of the practicum is on honing the art of teaching. Topics include communication skills, teaching strategies, diagnostics and observation. In a nurturing and supportive environment of peers, using video footage from their home studio and on-site teaching, participants practice self-assessment skills to identify their strengths in teaching and those areas in need of improvement.”

At Cellofest Extra, participants will follow the SAA model with small group sessions focussed on videos from their home studio (see below for requirements).
They will also observe group lessons given by ESA Teacher Trainers and receive follow-up analysis sessions with the trainers to explore lesson content, structure and strategies.

Participants will have access to the range of activities available at the Cellofest Extra conference and family workshop.
A minimum of 8 hours of observation must be completed in addition to the scheduled classes.
Attendance of the full 7 days is recommended but reduced schedules can be offered at the discretion of the trainers.

The cost of the Practicum course is £425. This includes 7 nights full board accommodation, a welcome drinks reception and access to all the facilities including tennis courts and swimming pool.

On completion of all the requirements, participants will be issued with a certificate from the ESA office.


SAA Practicum video criteria:

  • A complete 30-minute lesson (individual lesson).
  • One 30-minute segment containing materials of their choice. (Possibilities are consecutive lessons of the same student, a group lesson, a reading lesson, a challenging student, lessons at different book levels, etc.)
  • More footage can be included on the video, but video viewing will depend on time constraints, class size and other factors.
  • Angle of the camera must show the student’s hands.
  • The closest possible camera placement should be used which includes the student’s entire body.
  • The teacher should be visible during much of the lesson.
  • Whenever possible, include the parent as well.
  • Video must be DVD format.
  • For best quality sound, an external microphone is recommended.
9 August 2017 3:00pm to 16 August 2017 3:00pm
The Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, Suffolk UK