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Gordon JermynSEIi Logo colour 002
Company Secretary
Glanseskin, Douglas Road,
Douglas, Cork, Ireland
Tel +353 21 429 1139

Ann-Marie O'Sullivan

ESA Country Director 
Trudy Byron-Fahy
Maymount, Magazine Road
Cork, Ireland
Tel +353 21 434 5877

Vice President & Deputy ESA Country Director
Máire Ní Dhuibhir

Frances Jermyn

Minutes Secretary 

Membership Secretary
Sarah Biggins          

Graduation Secretary    
Laura Sheehan  

Membership Administrator
Frances Jermyn

Annual General Meeting 30 September 2018

Teacher Training for Guitar in Loughrea, Co. Galway
Mary Lou Roberts

Teacher Training for Piano in Loughrea, Co. Galway

Mary McCarthy  
Sue Bird

Teacher Training for Violin in Cork

Trudy Byron Fahy 

Please note - this search only finds Suzuki teachers that are interested in taking on new students. Not all ESA members are listed - some teachers have opted out.

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