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Vaikne 12
76607 Harjumaa

President & ESA Country Director 
Janne Vasser

Vice President
Tekla Tappo

Deputy ESA Country Director
Kristi Alas

Treasurer & Secretary 
Riina Lõhmus

Membership Administrator
Janne Vasser

Other Board Members
Martin Rüttimann

Annual General Meeting  August 2019

Teacher Training for Violin Levels 2 & 4
Karmen Kääramees 
Martin Rüttimann

Teacher Training for Piano Levels 2 & 4
Marzena Jasinska- Siudzinska

Teacher Training for Violoncello Level 1
Anja Maja



Please note - this search only finds Suzuki teachers that are interested in taking on new students. Not all ESA members are listed - some teachers have opted out.

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