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Anyone interested in setting up a National Suzuki Association in a country in Europe, the Middle East or Africa, should contact the Office of the European Suzuki Association (ESA).

References and information about the qualifications and experience of the group of individuals involved in the establishment of a National Association will be requested.

The process has three stages –

1.   Founding a National Association according to the ESA rules

The Association will need a Constitution drawn up in accordance with the legal practice in the country concerned (see Model Statutes below).  As per the Suzuki Name Agreement between The International Suzuki Association (ISA) and the ESA, the Constitution must specify that ‘the purpose of the Association is to further the educational aims and methods established by Dr Shinichi Suzuki’.

The ESA can only recognise one National Association in each country. 

The Association must be prepared to support the Suzuki Teaching and Teacher Training activities of all Suzuki Teachers and groups in the country.  It must be democratically constituted and open to all interested teachers and others in accordance with the guidelines set out in the ESA Bylaws.

Teacher Training is the main focus of the activities of the National Suzuki Associations and this should be reflected in the aims and work of the National Association.

Model statutes for NSA p1b 1              Model Statutes

2.  Applying for membership of the ESA 

Full Country Membership of the ESA is given to those national Suzuki associations who have their own Teacher Training programmes.  All Teacher Training programmes are required to follow the guidelines of the ESA as set out in the Teacher Trainer and Examinations Manual and may be directed and taught by Teacher Trainers from other National Associations.

Full Country Members have the right to nominate a Director to the Board of the ESA.

Associate Country Membership is offered to new National Suzuki Associations who have fulfilled all requirements set out by the ESA but which do not yet have an established Teacher Training programme.

Associate Country Members are invited to send a Representative to the Board Meeting each year. 

 3. Signing a Suzuki Name Agreement sub-licence

Template ESA Suzuki Name Agreement Sub License adopted 2 15 15   

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