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National Viola Teacher Training Conversion Course Levels 1-2 & 3 UK

The British Suzuki Institute is pleased to announce a Viola Conversion Course for Levels 1-2 and 3 preceding the European Suzuki Viola Gathering.

The Viola Conversion Course is intended for those who wish to qualify on Viola for ESA Levels they have already completed on Violin.
In order to take the Level 1-2 Conversion Course, it is necessary to have passed Level 2 on Violin. This course will be held from 15 - 16 February 2017
In order to take the Level 3 Conversion Course, it is necessary to have passed Level 3 on Violin. This course will be held from 14 - 16 February 2017

Exams for both courses - Friday 17 February 2016.

The Conversion Course will provide a detailed study of the pedagogical aspects of the Suzuki Viola repertoire which are specific to the Viola, and which have not already been covered in the Violin training.
Course content will include:

  • How to teach the unique Viola sound
  • Teaching points of the pieces which differ from the Violin repertoire
  • Instruments and strings for young Violists
  • Ideas for integrating Violists and Violinists in the studio

All prospective trainees are required to submit in advance of the course, a recording of them playing from memory the repertoire which is different from the pieces in the Violin books. 
The recording should use the revised editions of the Suzuki Viola School, dated 2009 (Volumes 1-4) and 2010 (Volume 5). Please ensure you are working from the latest revised editions.
Conversion candidates must have passed at least Level 2 on Violin before being eligible for the Conversion Course

The fee for Levels 1-2 is £250.
The fee for Level 3 is £350.

Application deadline Friday 4 January 2017

Submit recording to Mysie Ferguson  by 1 February 2017 via Dropbox or another agreed method. 
Recordings may be accompanied or unaccompanied.

Levels 1 & 2:- (Books 1, 2 & 3)
French Folk Song

Bohemian Folk song

Hunter’s Chorus
Lully Gavotte

Minuet in G, Beethoven

Gavotte in G Minor, Bach

Becker Gavotte

Mozart Minuet

Bach Bourrée

Level 3:- (Books 4 & 5)

Telemann Solo Viola Concerto in G, all movements

Marcello Sonata, all movements

Spinning Wheel
Bach Suite all 3 movements

Bohm Moto Perpetuo

Marais Dances, complete
Seitz Concerto in C Minor, 1st movement

For the Course, it is necessary to be able to play all pieces in the books you are studying.
It should be noted that there are small fingering differences in Seitz 1 (3rd position in bars 79 / 80 & 83 / 84) 
As for Country Dance, it may be that trainees want to use the fingerings now in the new Violin books. Either fingering will be acceptable as long as it works.

14 February 2017 9:00am to 17 February 2017 5:00pm
Watford, UK