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logo norwayChairperson & ESA Country Director
Anne Berit Halvorsen 
Arnebråtveien 38B 
0771 Oslo

Vice Chairperson
Ulla-Britt Søderberg

Deputy ESA Country Director
Harald Søderberg

Anne Sofie Nordby

Mette Mesna

Membership Administrator
Anne Berit Halvorsen 

Other Board Members
Mona Anita Nesse                
Elizabeth Storm           
Snorre Holmgren                  

Annual General Meeting  26 June 2016

Teacher Training for Piano 
Grant Mead
Ruth Muira
Sigrun Landro Bekken  

Teacher Training for Violin
Jan Matthiesen 
Leif Elving      

Teacher Training for Violoncello
Anders Grøn

Please note - this search only finds Suzuki teachers that are interested in taking on new students. Not all ESA members are listed - some teachers have opted out.

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